About Me

I'm a 16-year old dreamer from someplace. I obsess over everything. And the thinking never stops.
My mind is awake, over-energised, at times annoying, and ready to smash out ideas if I'm given a pencil. But times have changed and honestly I'm lazy so, pencil out, keyboard in. Anyway, I would take this opportunity to present the person that lives in my head. It's the voice that says it all. And bores me at time during classes.
Getting to points, I'm a writer and a poetess. I like to read books and then find more works by the same writer and end up reading something which I wouldn't like, shunning the author forever. I'm super excited about anything I write. But if the story begins to wonder, it dies by the end of the fifth day of struggle. So, I got to writing short stories. Lo and behold! I started to obsess over that! So, you'll be reading regular stuff. Enjoy!
I have a thing for justified stuff. The alignment. I think that is the best thing that has ever happened to typed text. Everything is so equal! Oh yes, also, besides being over-enthusiastic, my mind is also slightly OCD addled. Hence, the obsession over justification alignment. :)
And I'd like to extend my support to nerds everywhere. Go! Go, you spectacle clad wonders! Go Nerds!
So, I hope you enjoy reading my stuff- stories and poetry and all.
Merci Bien!

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