Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Waiting and Watching

Well, I have an announcement to make. I am leaving yourstoryclub soon. To much despair, or not, of others, it is for a good cause. I want to compile it all and have it in a book that I could publish.
Talking about publishing, I am waiting for 'six to eight' weeks to end. I am waiting on answers from three publishing houses and with zero hopes. I remember very well my first rejection and I have learnt a lot from then. It is funny how things turn out. But I have got a good feeling this time.
And well, I just received my first fan mail today and I must say, I am very excited and happy. At least something has emerged from my dark, and twisted storytelling. And I am extremely bubbly about hearing some more.

Insane, In Love

They said love had no bounds, no walls, no boundaries it could be held behind. And yet, I lie here, untouched.
It was a cold autumn night when I first saw her. She was this beautiful illusion who had wings that could soar so high, it was impossible to scale. Rhea, was her name. She was an enigma who I could love only from afar. Afar, because she was shackled to someone else. Tied taut to a man who could only be called a monster. He had a scent of alcohol, a hoarsely voice and an arm of steel, who let it all out on the little bunny who nursed his pride and watched her life fall apart.
Now, I lay here on the cold and hard floor, waiting for someone to patter on my bars and tell me that I was free to go. Still waiting.
An excerpt from 'Insane, In Love' a psychological, dark tale about love, it's illusions and reality. It's funny how it actually went from being a sweet-cute story to the one that it is.
Read the whole thing here : Your Story Club : Insane, In Love