Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hole In Your Heart

She held her chest and
said she had a hole
in her heart
bleeding the life out of her
She had a hole
in her ever so fragile heart

It is a poem about life and a huge disappointment that is its very existance.

Read it here, Hole In Your Heart

Candlelit Cries

“I’m sorry.”

She mumbled as the inequality of the winter breeze grifted her. A car passed her by inches as she dragged her bag across the pavements. The thoughts in her mind did not concern her anymore- they were now set on her one and only, whom she had left with a cold cup of tea and a colder heart.

The story is about a girl who is losing it all. She is losing time, money and her heart to live. Yet, sometimes, an empty space is all you need, to think it all over.

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The End of My Story

I never thought I was going to say this.
But, I miss the feeling.
I miss the feeling of being loved. Of being adored like a gem. Of being kissed.
I miss it all.
And now I was standing here, facing the endless sea.

From the story 'The End of My Story'. About a dying woman and a chronological sequence to the point up till now. Read it when you are sorry about your life. You will definitely value it more.

Read it here, Your Story Club: The End of My Story

Strange Happiness

The ticking of the clock seemed endless. I tapped the table with my pen, swimming through the sea of endless thoughts in my mind.

Amidst all this, the question of the hour was nowhere near the importance the time required of me. The 12-point font words triggered what could be the story of my life in my mind- while already drowning in melancholia.

The most important things in life could be family, friends and at this age, the prospect of studies.

An excerpt from the story Strange Happiness. It was actually a story I'd written for one of my best friends. It is about life from the perception of him. It is all about school, life and the shit in between.

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