Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Our Forgotten Fairy Tale

I last saw her, sixteen years ago. Sixteen years ago, when we had our one last fight, our one last argument, and a kiss we never knew would be our last- I saw that beautiful face. We were young and fearless, the only fears being ones of separation.

Finally!! Another Editor's Choice!!!

So, yeah. This story chronicles the lost love of a man who thought that the very light of his life, Seya, had died in a car accident. But lo and behold, life had some more surprises. Lost and found and lost forever.

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Hopes and Happiness

Every argument comes with a price tag.

And the price I paid was losing a daughter.

And so, this is from "Hopes and Happiness" about a man who has come to know of his daughter about eleven years from a previous girlfriend. And this too, slipped from EC.

Hopes high!! for the upcoming story, "Our Forgotten Fairy Tale"

Your Story Club: Hopes and Happiness

We, The Lovers

We walked down the road and entered the town. I hid my face behind him, trying to be unseen. We passed through stores and imagined ourselves owning the things we never will. We laughed in those streets full of unhappy and mean people who would never know what real happiness would feel like- Happiness that I was feeling right at that moment.

I put my arm around his and walked the streets stranger to us. Walking with pride as if we owned the place. We slumbered that night behind an old school playground. As we lay under the leafless tree, staring at the starlit sky, I realized that running away was the best thing I ever did. No one would let us be together. Everyone had their doubts and their suspicions and their remarks about us. And we never gave a care. Our families would never accept us- we didn’t need the acceptance. We just needed ourselves.

“Hey,” He whispered while I shut my eyes. “You know, I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”
“What is it?” I asked in anticipation.
“I love you.”
“Haven’t you told me that already?”
“I love you. I love you. And I love you, no matter what. I don’t care about anything else. I think love is enough for us, because I don’t have any money or a house or anything to give to you. But all I have is a heart- probably second-hand but still, I’ve got a heart. And it’s yours. It will always be yours. I have all but my love to give. No matter what happens to us, I’ll always love you.”

This is from my story, 'We, The Lovers' and as the title suggests, its about two lovers. And it's a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, somewhat. It had really really high expectations for my third EC. But, it didn't work out. And so, hmmm.

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The Death of a Flower

The death of a flower. It wilts and twists and turns and eventually lays to the ground- unloved and barren. Empty and clustered among the tethered. It dissipates into from where it began- the cold, damp earth.

It is loved when it blooms and ignored when falling into the depths of age. It is forsaken, and pushed into the dark, unknown abyss.

An excerpt from 'The Death of a Flower', it talks of a blissful but hard love that a journalist had for an actress. The story is him telling of her after her death.

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