Sunday, 21 October 2012

Finding Purpose

The doctor said some things about the walls of my heart being too weak and stress in my life and other medical jargon that was way beyond what I could understand. From what I could make into simpler terms, I had a broken heart.

Finally, after a month and half of running dry, I ultimately got my second Editor's Choice. Yay!

This is the story of a woman who has been left, deserted by her husband and now she is in a hospital because she has a 'broken heart'. She thought that all to give her company was just the emptiness of her room but then walked in someone who would change her life forever.

Read the thing here, Your Story Club: Finding Purpose

Late Now

She had the most gracious smile and the most charming eyes.She was the love of my life.I never had the courage to say it. 

And now I never will be able to.

This story is about a guy who fell in love with a girl during college and never had the courage to say it. Years later, he is brought back to his old feelings but now, it is too late.

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Take Off Your Colours

I banged the typewriter keys, harder each time. Making the monotonous noise to mask the one in my mind. The voices in my head,...

This is from a story on infidelity called Take Off Your Colours.

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Life in Monochrome

There were tears and then screams of joy. There were kisses of love and then a screeching of the brakes. And out of nowhere, our life ended right there.

So, this is the story of a girl who has just awoken from a coma and is colorblind. I had many aspirations for this particular story but... they failed. And hence, low readership. :'(

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Pillow Talk

I now started to feel guilty for getting angry. I was still hurt from the words he'd said. How everyone was right in hating me and how I never cared for anyone's feelings.

This is from the story - Pillow Talk. A cell-phone/ Text/ messaging short story. Cute little love story this.

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