Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Our Forgotten Fairy Tale

I last saw her, sixteen years ago. Sixteen years ago, when we had our one last fight, our one last argument, and a kiss we never knew would be our last- I saw that beautiful face. We were young and fearless, the only fears being ones of separation.

Finally!! Another Editor's Choice!!!

So, yeah. This story chronicles the lost love of a man who thought that the very light of his life, Seya, had died in a car accident. But lo and behold, life had some more surprises. Lost and found and lost forever.

Read it here :Your Story Club: Our Forgotten Fairy Tale

Hopes and Happiness

Every argument comes with a price tag.

And the price I paid was losing a daughter.

And so, this is from "Hopes and Happiness" about a man who has come to know of his daughter about eleven years from a previous girlfriend. And this too, slipped from EC.

Hopes high!! for the upcoming story, "Our Forgotten Fairy Tale"

Your Story Club: Hopes and Happiness

We, The Lovers

We walked down the road and entered the town. I hid my face behind him, trying to be unseen. We passed through stores and imagined ourselves owning the things we never will. We laughed in those streets full of unhappy and mean people who would never know what real happiness would feel like- Happiness that I was feeling right at that moment.

I put my arm around his and walked the streets stranger to us. Walking with pride as if we owned the place. We slumbered that night behind an old school playground. As we lay under the leafless tree, staring at the starlit sky, I realized that running away was the best thing I ever did. No one would let us be together. Everyone had their doubts and their suspicions and their remarks about us. And we never gave a care. Our families would never accept us- we didn’t need the acceptance. We just needed ourselves.

“Hey,” He whispered while I shut my eyes. “You know, I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”
“What is it?” I asked in anticipation.
“I love you.”
“Haven’t you told me that already?”
“I love you. I love you. And I love you, no matter what. I don’t care about anything else. I think love is enough for us, because I don’t have any money or a house or anything to give to you. But all I have is a heart- probably second-hand but still, I’ve got a heart. And it’s yours. It will always be yours. I have all but my love to give. No matter what happens to us, I’ll always love you.”

This is from my story, 'We, The Lovers' and as the title suggests, its about two lovers. And it's a modern take on Romeo and Juliet, somewhat. It had really really high expectations for my third EC. But, it didn't work out. And so, hmmm.

Read it here, Your Story Club: We, The Lovers

The Death of a Flower

The death of a flower. It wilts and twists and turns and eventually lays to the ground- unloved and barren. Empty and clustered among the tethered. It dissipates into from where it began- the cold, damp earth.

It is loved when it blooms and ignored when falling into the depths of age. It is forsaken, and pushed into the dark, unknown abyss.

An excerpt from 'The Death of a Flower', it talks of a blissful but hard love that a journalist had for an actress. The story is him telling of her after her death.

Read it here, Your Story Club: The Death of a Flower

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Finding Purpose

The doctor said some things about the walls of my heart being too weak and stress in my life and other medical jargon that was way beyond what I could understand. From what I could make into simpler terms, I had a broken heart.

Finally, after a month and half of running dry, I ultimately got my second Editor's Choice. Yay!

This is the story of a woman who has been left, deserted by her husband and now she is in a hospital because she has a 'broken heart'. She thought that all to give her company was just the emptiness of her room but then walked in someone who would change her life forever.

Read the thing here, Your Story Club: Finding Purpose

Late Now

She had the most gracious smile and the most charming eyes.She was the love of my life.I never had the courage to say it. 

And now I never will be able to.

This story is about a guy who fell in love with a girl during college and never had the courage to say it. Years later, he is brought back to his old feelings but now, it is too late.

Read this here, Your Story Club: Late Now

Take Off Your Colours

I banged the typewriter keys, harder each time. Making the monotonous noise to mask the one in my mind. The voices in my head,...

This is from a story on infidelity called Take Off Your Colours.

Read it here, Your Story Club; Take Off Your Colours

Life in Monochrome

There were tears and then screams of joy. There were kisses of love and then a screeching of the brakes. And out of nowhere, our life ended right there.

So, this is the story of a girl who has just awoken from a coma and is colorblind. I had many aspirations for this particular story but... they failed. And hence, low readership. :'(

Read the whole thing here, Your Story Club: Life in Monochrome

Pillow Talk

I now started to feel guilty for getting angry. I was still hurt from the words he'd said. How everyone was right in hating me and how I never cared for anyone's feelings.

This is from the story - Pillow Talk. A cell-phone/ Text/ messaging short story. Cute little love story this.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Call In-Waiting

Dear my beloved handful of readers,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm contesting for Creative Writing Competition India on yourstoryclub.com. Yep, that is the reason all of my stuff is on that particular site. I'd really appreciate it if you'd follow the link to the stories and help me win this thing. I've got everything riding on my stories. The results will be out on the 14th of October and the entries close a fortnight earlier. Sad to say I've got a truckload of studying to do. So, fingers crossed and hope to win!

Yeah. Going crazy right now.

Unsaid in Pride

Death was the only thing that could bring our family together. Or at least me back to the threshold of the family mansion. The news of my father’s terminal illness proved to be the strongest thing in seven years to bring me back to the place I’d vowed to never return.

An excerpt from my story Unsaid in Pride. It's about a man who is dealing with his mistakes and the guilt of leaving his father to die.

Read the whole thing here- Your Story Club: Unsaid in Pride

Faded Flowers

The rain poured in a drizzle. The words of observance spoken and the casket lowered into the ground. He was gone, now forever.

I just stood there, as I watched him leave the earth for good. And I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach as the tears fell constantly. I tried to swallow the upcoming sobs but was unable to.

I hated myself, for I was the one who killed him.

An excerpt from my story Faded Flowers. It's the story about a woman, who left her fiance as he left for another place and all the regret that she feels after he has died.

Read the whole thing here- Your Story Club: Faded Flowers

Monday, 10 September 2012

All We Needed

The wind blew hard and whispered in her ear that time had come. 

The world felt like an enemy, every day a struggle and every second a mystery. The day was silent, cold and still. 

And today was the day she decided to die.

This is an excerpt from my story All We Needed. About a girl who gets tired of fighting depression and decides to end her life. While silent in her own last moments, someone walks in, changing all forever. 
Read the whole thing here- Your Story Club: All We Needed

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Time Of Dying

Running away from everything
In a closet we hide
My heart beating faster and yours perfectly still
You are in the dark

An excerpt from my poem 'Time Of Dying'

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Monday, 3 September 2012

We Might As Well Be Strangers

Today was the first time in eight months that we didn’t talk. Shared a word each and well, that was it.

It was such a bad feeling sitting all by myself without him by my side. Eight months we’d been together. And all that went away in just a mere line of badly constructed words. I woke up in the morning with a strong urge to stay in bed but I had to go to school- I needed to see him.

But come school, came surprises. The surprising silence. The shattered connexion of the two of us. Gone. A column of air hung between us because we barely looked at each other. And every time I did, it hurt like nothing else.

This is an excerpt from my story 'We Might As Well Be Stangers.' It's about a couple who've just broken up from the view of the girl who left the boy.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Forget to Remember

Losing someone is painful. But losing her was like dying.
My single tea cup tasted like tears. In sixty-three years, I’d never had one without her. In sixty-three years, I was never alone. She was gone, my beloved wife. Gone to the heavens in which she used to believe.

This is an excerpt from my new short story- Forget to Remember. It deals with a man who has just lost his wife of sixty-three years.

I'm so happy that it got selected for Editor's Choice just today! Yippee!

Read the whole thing here:  Your Story Club: Forget to Remember

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


The salty breeze felt brittle on the skin. It had to be done.
She had been on the run now for days. Running away from family, running away from her abusers and running away from life. She clenched her fists underneath her overcoat and swallowed down hard sobs she had promised not to shed anymore.
This is an excerpt from my new short story 'Closure'
Read the whole thing here on Your Story Club: Closure by rained-on parade
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

To Run

A scream in the alley
Fainted on the floor
Broken down out
The blood ceases to flow

Darkness ruins
No place is safe anymore
Where do you go?
No place is home

Every face masked
No one to believe
What's wrong with this world?
Any one can deceive

Pleading eyes crying on you
Outstretched for help
They're coming for you too
Which path do you choose?